Personal Performance works with diverse partners from different specialist fields, who can be brought in if required.

UNDER ARMOUR – sports clothes

Official clothing partner

UA_LOGO_rotweiss«Make all athletes better!»

This is the vision of founder Kevin Plank, who established the clothing Under Armour at the tender age of 26. Using «cold gear», a unique and innovative technology which was launched in 1996, he managed the almost impossible. Under Armour is the fastest growing sports brand on our planet.

Wirth Sport Luzern – Specialist sport store

The specialist sport store for runners and sportswear in the heart of lucerne

Winkelriedstrasse 25
6003 Luzern
Phone +41 41 210 38 53
Fax +41 41 210 38 57


Sports medicine

Sports medicine

Sports medicine includes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of health disorders which can be unleashed or made worse by sporting activity. It therefore concerns the health of all those who undertake sporting activity. But sports medicine also includes deploying physical activity to maintain or regain health, and is therefore relevant to the health of the entire population.

Personal Performance is delighted to have engaged the services of a very experienced and expert sports medicine professional, Dr. med. Konrad Birrer, for our network. 

Dr. med. Konrad Birrer Oberarzt 
FMH Chirurgie 
Sportmedizin SGSM 
Kantonsspital Luzern



As a chiropractor, Dr. Elmar Auf der Maur can help you if you have muscular-skeletal problems. He targets the treatment perfectly to your individual requirements.

Elmar Auf der Maur 
Dr. der Chiropraktik, Mitgl. SCG/ECU 
Stadthausstrasse 3 
6003 Luzern



In the Reha-Zentrum Paul Graf at Brünigstrasse 20 in Lucerne, the physio team will help you to keep your body fit with classical physiotherapy and sports orientated methods

You are welcome to use our premises, which span more than 550 m2, for your individual training sessions or for targeted training prescribed by a doctor.. 

The Reha-Zentrum offers you rehabilitation, physiotherapyand fitness using state-of-the-art equipment and is the only gym in Lucerne to offer training equipment for coordination dynamics. We also have a climbing walland several Kinesis modules available.

Reha-Zentrum Paul Graf 
Brünigstrasse 20 
6005 Luzern

Wolfassist sportlermanagment

Personal. Customised. Skilled.


Wolfassist is an owner-managed company offering professional services in the world of sport. The company, which is headquartered in Oensingen, looks after sport professionals and sport talents of various disciplines. As an expert on football, Stefan Wolf is also the perfect speaker at client social events for your company or organisation. In an emotional atmosphere, you and your guests will enjoy an interesting football match analysis. A welcome change!

We invite you to discover Wolfassist’s comprehensive range of services.

Wolfassist Sportlermanagment
Stefan Wolf
Harzerweg 2 
4702 Oensingen


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a comprehensive medical system which has developed in China over the past 2500 years. In contrast to the somatic (focused on symptoms) and microscopic (focused on detail) approach of western medicine, TCM represents a functional and holistic medical approach.

Personal Performance is delighted to have found two expert partners in the field of TCM, André Gasser and Anita Hänninen.

André Gasser und Anita Hänninen 
Hirschmattstrasse 6 
6003 Luzern 
Phone: 041 210 50 66 
Fax: 041 210 50 86


Software for professional Trainingsmanagement

We are one of the few personal training companies in Switzerland who work with medo.check software solutions.

The software medo.check ® Personal Training has been specially developed to meet the premium requirements of personal training.

medo.check ® Personal Training makes the work of the personal trainer eve more professional. “Forget self-made templates, start using high quality hand-outs”. You can read more at: 

Swiss Personal Trainer Association

Seal of quality for Personal Trainer

The Swiss Personal Trainer Association is a non-profit organisation which campaigns in a targeted way for the quality and promotion of personal training in Switzerland.

Our aims are:

Ensuring quality: positioning personal training as a recognised profession in Switzerland by establishing a quality label for personal trainers and therefore transparency for clients.

Knowledge forum: promoting and supporting personal trainers and gyms in Switzerland who are members of the association.

Promotion of personal training in Switzerland: representing the interests of personal trainers within other organisations in the market and the economy by targeted collaboration with gyms, health insurance companies and the umbrella organisation OdA Bewegung und Gesundheit (Exercise and Health). The aim: to establish personal trainers as a recognised title within the fitness profession.

You can learn more at

Nutrition advice

Nutrition advice

Personal Performance has been able to gain the services of a highly qualified nutrition adviser as a network partner.

Wilma Schmid-Emmenegger
Praxis für Ernährungsberatung
in Gesundheit und Sport
Landenbergstrasse 3c
6005 Luzern
041 422 13 87

expoatelier - Constructing exhibition stands and events

Constructing exhibition stands and events

Expoatelier GmbH has individual and all-in solutions ranging from drafting and planning to implementation, offering you a comprehensive and complete range of services.

Expoatelier GmbH
Acherfang 22
6274 Eschenbach




SKLZ - We prepare athletes to be ready for their sport

Ready is all or nothing. We either are, or we aren’t. In the history of human endeavor, no man has ever achieved anything with almost. It’s why we burn so many hours. It’s why our muscles throb, it’s why our eyes ache, and it’s why we live with blinders on—in constant pursuit of preparedness. And we know that as much as we pride ourselves on our dedication, this alone is not enough. Plenty of people are dedicated. Our worthiest opponents are just as hardworking as we are. So if we ever hope to win, we need to work smarter. We must be ready.

nymax ag
Chamerstrasse 172, 6300 Zug
+41 78 608 11 21

SKLZ Shop  Zug:

SKLZ Switzerland